Better than the Lottery

NASDAQ Stock Forty Seven Inc. ticker symbol $FTSV moved over 800% in less than 60 days on relatively low volume. We began picking up shares on first sign of accumulation around mid-November.

There were also options available although their was quite a spread to contend with. Nonetheless, the  price range of  the stock provided ample opportunity to profit from both options and shares.

The first question asked by many prospective clients is “how much money will I need to start trading?” My general answer is very little. Coming in with $1000 would allow you to control a decent supply of options on stocks like this which would have resulted in an easy 100%+ return on your money in a week’s time. Shares with 4:1 margin would have resulted in much much more.

A $1 investment in the lottery can result in a big win, however, the probabilities you are working against make it nearly impossible to win.

Consider trading part or full time for 2020 to increase your annual net income from the comfort of your home or office. With the election season right around the corner coupled with threats of Impeachment and the markets at all time highs, there will surely be great opportunities to generate strong returns!

To Your Success,

Kevin Michaels, Pro. Trading Coach

Winner’s Edge Stock Trading


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