Invest and Win

Kevin’s Election’s Year Group Trades started in 2012 and has yielded major returns for his private clients/friends with 100% invested guaranteed up to $5K. This means no matter what, you will get a minimum return of your original investment no questions asked via Zelle or bank wire. Group trades invitation is open to six traders during the Biden/Trump election period.

75% return on your money by February 22, 2021 on top of your original investment is what you can expect during the group trade.

Kevin will pool your money with his and others and take low risk high reward trades through early entry accumulation and short selling over-bought tickers at key times and levels through correlation through end of January into February 2021.

Group trade starts the week of 11/15/20. Clients can Venmo or Zelle Kevin an amount between $1500-$5K and can expect to receive their original investment plus a minimum of 75% sent back via Venmo, Zelle, PayPal or wire.

Venmo:  @KevinCMichaels   |  Zelle: