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The head and shoulders technical analysis pattern is a bearish set-up, that works in both up and downtrending markets. In my experience, it can serve as a reversal signal after a bullish lead in. Moreover, it can work, as a conclusion to a bearish market rally.  Most important, is where you base your risk, as many funds are squeezing through the pattern, reversing through the ride should right through the head.

Here’s a recent trade I did below during the week of 2/10.

Kevin Michaels, Trading Coach



head and shoulders technical analysis pattern

Weak Hands Kill Profits

Many of us make the correct decisions when trading the markets. We identify the right stock, we trade it in the right direction, we have a prime entry yet we get shaken out because of fear.  This term is called having Weak Hands, not being able to stay the course in the presence of a fake out or volatility.

Fear is a survival instinct however it has no place in trading the markets because there are no Lions chasing us!

All jokes aside, the solution to overcoming getting shaken out is to:

  • adjust your stop and make sure you have enough padding in case of a reclaim
  • monitor your breathing
  • listen to your gut
  • don’t focus so much on your P/L and focus more on trading smart

To Your Success,

Kevin Michaels, Founder

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